Which abrasive is best for the job?

The sand blasting North London loves to use is a process that involves firing a chosen abrasive at high speed. This is through the use of special machinery and either compressed air or high pressure water. It is suitable for various surface finishing purposes. This could be texturing a material to make it smooth or rough. It can also be effective at removing old coatings and paint.

The details of the job as well as the needs of the client determine which abrasive is more suitable. We have included some information on the different choices below.

Glass Beads

Applications of sand blasting where you want a smooth finish are best done with glass beads. They tend to be made from fine soda-lime which doesn’t place a great deal of stress on the surface. This is a recyclable option and is also very cost-effective.

Walnut Shells

You might not be sure about what the surface can handle. If this is the case, a gentler choice like walnut shells or corn cobs is best. You can then work your way up to harder materials if necessary. These are biodegradable and are ideal for use on wood as they won’t etch the surface.

Silicon Carbide

This is an abrasive that is perfect for very tough jobs. You can recycle it many times and it also has low costs and helps with shorter blasting time. You can remove paint and rust from your surface or etch materials like stone and glass easily.

Plastic Beads

These beads are incredibly soft and best suited for automotive applications. They can effectively strip away what you want, including paint and rust, without causing damage to the surface. It is a choice that is suitable for different fibreglass parts and produces little dust.

The Faster Blaster team recognises the importance of safety and technique with work like ours. We complete jobs carefully while making the most of our specialist knowledge. This enables us to provide some of the best results from sand blasting North London could hope for.

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