What you need to know about sand blasting and powder coatings

There are a number of surfaces that can benefit from the sand blasting North London loves. We can remove different substances to achieve various finishes to suit your needs. This process is easy and efficient thanks to our specialist knowledge and expert equipment.

Sand blasting North LondonWe work with your surface and specifications to provide an outstanding result. This includes the high quality finish and a great level of customer care. One example of when blasting can be helpful is if you are dealing with powder coatings.


Powder coating is designed to be durable but sometimes you might find yourself needing to remove coatings. It might be that there is damage or the application resulted in errors. You might also want to replace it with a new coat or just leave the surface bare. Blasting uses abrasion to effectively get rid of the coating. Certain blasting media is more appropriate for this kind of job to reduce working time and improve the results. This includes things like aluminium oxide.


These services are often paired together as blasting is a common method of prepping parts for powder coating. This is due to the fact that blasting your surface before applying a powder coating can achieve better results. You will be able to make sure that it is clean of dirt, rust, oils, paint, and corrosion. It will also provide the material with a profile which increases the surface area for the powder coat to stick to.

Our work can remove rust and paint from materials like metal, timber, and brick. Blasting has many applications, which is why so many people love and depend on our work.

We leave people with results that match their requirements while also providing great customer care. This is how we have built our reputation as the leading provider of sand blasting North London has to offer.

If you have any queries about our work and the amazing results that we can achieve, reach out to Faster Blasters now.