Using sand blasting to clean rust from metal

Our services include the sand blasting North London can trust when they want a superb finish for a surface. We also provide chemical cleaning and a rust inhibitor primer. The versatility of our work enables us to take on various jobs that involve different materials and needs. A common request is for us to deal with rust on metal.

A Nuisance Substance

Surface rust on your metal can be an annoying issue. While it may not affect the structure, it is something that leaves the material in poor condition and it looks bad too.

Sand blasting is a remarkably effective method of removing rust. This is so long as you have the right tools and preparation behind you so that you can do the job properly. You need to take care so that you do not damage the underlying metal and achieve the best finish.

Sand blasting equipment operates by using pressurised air to shoot the abrasive media of choice out of a nozzle at the surface. It is relatively simple as well as fast, giving you the finish you need for your material.

We Can Help

Other methods of cleaning and restoration can require a lot of elbow grease, time, and chemicals. Blasting is a wise decision to make the process easier. This can strip substances like rust and paint off of the base material without damaging it. Its utility makes it ideal for various projects.

You might be looking to paint your metal, add a surface coating, or want something that looks pristine. If you need to get the best results you should call professionals as we can help you achieve this. We also use an inhibitor primer to stop the metal rusting again quickly.

Faster Blasters is proud to be a leading specialist. We have worked with many clients and continue to provide some of the best sand blasting North London could hope to ask for. Our services are also available for bigger projects across the nation so get in contact with us at 07778 011 269.