Sand blasting concrete surfaces

Ours is the service for sand blasting North London residents can trust when looking for first class results. Our abrasive cleaning and finishing is a form of work that allows you to achieve various results for a range of materials. We have a lot of experience working with concrete in particular.

Blasting Is Beneficial

It is perfect for cleaning purposes when you have oil, dirt, or paint that you want gone. In addition it is perfect for removing an old coating. We can even help with surface preparation, something which makes the application of coatings more effective.

Examples of what else we can assist with include laitance removal, granolithic texturing, and exposing aggregates. We will work to provide you with the result you need for your concrete. This includes taking your specifications into account to adjust our work accordingly.

A Team You Can Count On

Our work is powerful, affordable, and fast, delivering results that you will love and can rely on. Our concrete floor shot blasting is a very popular example of what we do. Customers call on it for both new and old floors. We can prepare the surface for finishing or clean off even the biggest messes.

In addition we offer chemical cleaning when the situation calls for it. For example it is appropriate if blasting will be too powerful.

Other materials that we can work with include metals, stone, and masonry. If you have metal that needs caring for we can lend a hand through the application of a rust inhibitor primer. This is a perfect base and will offer excellent protection.

We utilise our expertise and equipment to approach projects in a way that ensures we leave you with what you are looking for. Whether it is a concrete floor or wooden beams, we will use first class standards of work to provide you with amazing results. You should get in touch with us if you want to learn about our work; we can discuss your needs and specifications.

We know how to use the right methods for the best finishes while remaining safe. You can reach Faster Blasters on 02084 821737 for more information. This gives you a chance to better understand the amazing services for sand blasting North London can rely on for their needs.