Sand blasting before painting – a wise move

With our professional sand blasting North London clients can benefit from high quality finishes. We offer services for various applications. Surface preparation is only one example of this but shows the great results that we can achieve for you.

Painting can be the perfect way to finish off a surface. Along with deciding on the colour and type of paint, you need to consider the method of application. This will result in it looking great and being able to withstand use better.

A Better Way

While it is more complicated, using blasting and painting together does pay off. If you want to do a good job, the surface needs cleaning before you can begin. This includes removing previous paint and coatings, dust and rust, as well as grease. This is done effectively with our techniques.

In addition to this, the abrasive nature of this process will help prepare the surface. This allows for a more effective bond between the paint and the surface, reducing the likelihood of chipping and peeling.

You should also account for additional work that you are going to carry out. This might include using a rust inhibitor primer, another service we provide. The purpose of applying this is to keep metal in great condition.

Achieve Great Results

There are many benefits to this process. Along with durability and longevity of the finish, you get to enjoy the aesthetics. It is also a cost-effective way to ensure a fantastic paint job.

This is not the full scope of what we can assist with. Through our specialist work we can rid your surface of things like mortar staining. Along with this is cleaning fire-damaged materials and getting rid of other tough stains. If sand blasting is not appropriate, our chemical cleaning might be able to help.

Whatever you need help with, feel free to contact Faster Blasters. We enjoy assisting people so that they can better understand the sand blasting North London enjoys utilising. Firstly we offer advice about what we can do. Secondly, we ensure they get the right service.

You can reach us at 02084 821737 to learn more. While we operate across London we can also take on bigger national projects.