Revitalise your building and effectively clean stains

Regardless of whether your building is domestic or commercial, you will want it to look great. Unfortunately external brickwork can suffer from staining. This can leave it looking filthy and neglected. If you want to clean it up, you need to know which method is the most effective way to tackle the type of stain you are dealing with. We can help with this as the expert provider of sand blasting North London can rely on.


Plant life and moss can quickly grow and cover areas of your building. This is not only a problem for aesthetics but it can also damage the brick. It is important that you remove any traces. Scraping or blasting is a good start but you will need to finish with a biocide.


Oil results in thick stains that coat the surfaces and look awful. It could be a patch or splattering found in numerous areas like near vents and chimneys. They are more common to find in buildings like garages and those used for manufacturing. Blasting can get rid of them effectively though.


Paint stains on a building are typically the result of splatters and spills. This might have been an accident such as when your intention was to apply paint to a different area. Graffiti is another form of unwanted paint which needs dealing with before it encourages more. Luckily, sand blasting can remove all kinds of paint from various materials.


Soot and smoke result in dark stains on your building. This is more commonly found near a chimney but can also be seen in other areas as a result of air pollution. Again you can rely on sand blasting to get rid of it.

The Best Way To Clean A Building

A lot of people underestimate cleaning jobs and will try and do it alone. When it comes to building stains, this can result in damage to brickwork without even achieving the results you were looking for.

Our work can restore your building so that it looks great once again. This works even on stubborn stains that have been present for years.

If you are looking to effectively clean your building of stains, look to Faster Blasters. We can give your surface the attention to detail needed to obtain first class results. We can help transform the material in question through the sand blasting North London trusts, so reach out today.