Restoring fire-damaged materials with sand blasting services

When you have an item or surface that requires expert sand blasting North London clients know that they can turn to us. We take your needs into account to ensure we offer precise and high quality results. Our work isn’t limited to removing rust and paint; it also covers working on surfaces with fire damage.

An Ideal Method

Materials like brick, metal, wood, and concrete can all suffer from fire damage. This can leave the surface looking sooty and unsightly. Many methods of cleaning this can be laborious, damaging, and messy without even managing to restore the original look.

Blasting is a productive and economic method that can remove soot and restore your surface to the condition you want. It is a simple option that is not time consuming yet achieves fantastic results.

Our work can make cleaning much easier and faster. Part of this includes helping to remove the odour that comes with fire damage. This service works best when you take into account the degree of work that needs completing. By considering this along with the material in question, we ensure we meet your precise specifications.

Blasting Is Versatile

Abrasive cleaning isn’t limited to fire-damaged materials and neither are the services we provide. Our work is ideal for surfaces with rust, paint, and other things that you might need to clean off. This is for numerous materials including wood, masonry, and concrete. If blasting is not appropriate for the situation, our chemical cleaning service might be able to help you get the results that you are looking for.

When they want to reap the benefits of sand blasting North London clients can trust our work. You will discover that we can achieve great results that match what you need. This is all the while providing great customer care.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us so that we can provide you with more information regarding our services. We do both wet and dry blasting, offering services on your site as well as taking items away if they are small enough to transport to our facility.