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Many factors affect abrasive recycling

As leading providers of sand blasting North London based clients can rely on, we strive to show a professional understanding of the techniques we use. The method is helpful for removing paint, cleaning surfaces and exposing aggregates. A less obvious benefit is being able to recycle the abrasives. However, the reuse of abrasives is limited in number. So what can affect this number are various factors. Continue reading

Choosing your abrasive material

As one of the leading firms for sand blasting North London has, it’s fair to say we know a thing or two about it. It involves specialist machinery that projects abrasive material at high speeds, typically towards a surface. The method is so efficient it can be used for many applications. Continue reading

The techniques of sand blasting

Sand blasting techniques are often the first choice for surface cleaning and preparation. After-all, they are highly effective and can strip away tough contaminants such as dirt, old paint, and even soot from fire damage. We can provide a flexible service to suit any needs, making us the best for sand blasting North London has to offer. Continue reading