Which abrasive is best for the job?

The sand blasting North London loves to use is a process that involves firing a chosen abrasive at high speed. This is through the use of special machinery and either compressed air or high pressure water. It is suitable for various surface finishing purposes. This could be texturing a material to make it smooth or rough. It can also be effective at removing old coatings and paint. Continue reading

Help your driveway look great

Faster Blasters is here to provide first class services. There are numerous ways we can help you by providing the sand blasting North London loves. For example it can be used to clean metals, timbers, bricks, masonry and more. In addition it can prepare concrete floors or even etch surfaces. Continue reading

Revitalise your building and effectively clean stains

Regardless of whether your building is domestic or commercial, you will want it to look great. Unfortunately external brickwork can suffer from staining. This can leave it looking filthy and neglected. If you want to clean it up, you need to know which method is the most effective way to tackle the type of stain you are dealing with. We can help with this as the expert provider of sand blasting North London can rely on. Continue reading

Metal warping and clogged air lines

We are the company that people contact when they require additional muscle for cleaning jobs. Some stains are so tough that elbow grease alone won’t be enough. Things like old paint, soot, and even mortar need specialist attention if you hope to get rid of them. Our team can provide this to you. We’re the foremost establishment working in sand blasting North London has. Continue reading